Image of Little Book of Numbers

Little Book of Numbers


The Little Book of Numbers

+ letterpress printed limited edition
+ features numbers 1-10
+ 2 colours (black and red)
+ book plate included
+ numbers, words and images
+ held together by two metal rings
+ coaster board
+ 13 pages total including cover
+ measures 3.5” x 3.5”

This little book of numbers, featuring numbers one to ten, is letterpress printed in a limited edition. At 3.5” x 3.5”, it’s the perfect size for small hands and for toting around. The metal rings that hold the book together make it easy for little ones to turn the thirteen pages back and forth. Numbers, words of numbers, contrasting colours of red and black and repeated images all help to promote visual stimulation for babies and toddlers. A bookplate, “From the Library of…”, is also included and left blank for you to personalize. Perfect as a gift or as a special first numbers book.

*Like all things made for small children and babies, please do not leave your little one with the book unattended.